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>News >APED leads the debate on retail 2030

APED leads the debate on retail 2030

This year’s APED Retail Summit topics are unavoidable: smart retail, blockchain, sustainability, ethics, responsibility and deontology, the future of cities, global economy and new borders. With “Leading the Change” as motto, the Portuguese Association of Retail Companies is holding on May 5th and 6th, at Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon, this event, which will welcome Bob Woodward, journalist and two-time Pulitzer winning author as special guest.

To antecipate the changes in the sector, having 2030 as horizon, is the great goal of this event, which will have national and international experts. One of the first will be dedicated to the a global analysis on the “Dreaming up Retail in 2030” presentation, by Duarte Braga and Ana Paula Guimarães, from McKinsey & Company.

It will be followed by the most important topics for the future of the retail sector: sustainability, by Chris Goodall (writer, commentator, investor and climate change, energy and sustainability consultant); future mobility and urban logistics, by Diogo Nuno Santos (Deloitte partner and Supply Chain Head); blockchain’s impact, addressed by Gartner specialists; start-ups’ contribution for the evolution of retail, discussed on a roundtable that will include real cases from Start-Up Lisboa.

Cities, its demographic evolution, changes in locations and its impact in the retail sector will also be highlighted on the roundtable “Smart Cities + Smart Future = Smart Retail”, with Francisco Horta e Costa (CBRE Portugal Managing Director), Miguel Eira Antunes (Global Smart City, Smart Nation and Local Government Leader at Deloitte) and Ricardo Bak Gordon (Founder of Bak Gordon Architects).

The digitization of economy as a key for the future, as well as machine challenge, will have a special address by Carl Benedikt Frey, author of “The Technology Trap”, followed by a discussion with Miguel Monjardino, Professor of Geopolitics and Geostrategic at the Institute for Political Studies of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

For the retail’s role and contribution on the country’s economic development, APED brings to the debate “Global economy – new leaderships, frontiers and strategies”, on a roundtable with Ana Teresa Lehmann, Fernando Alexandre, Germano Almeida, Raquel Vaz-Pinto e Ricardo Arroja. An “Economic International Overview” will also be presented by Miguel Belo de Carvalho (Santander Portugal Executive Administrator).

Leadership, another APED Retail Summit’s highlight, will be addressed throughout the event, from the opening session, with António Bagão Félix’ essay “Ethics, responsibility and deontology”, to Bob Woodward’s closing session, on the topic “From Presidents to CEOs, the price of politics and larger lessons of leadership”.

APED Retail Summit this year marks its eighth edition, with an undeniable impact on the discussion around retail, highlighting the presence on previous editions of remarkable names such as the Noble Prize winners Paul Krugman, Lars Peter Hansen, Joseph Stiglitz and Al Gore.