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“Leading the Change” is the motto for the edition of the APED Retail Summit, taking place this year, from the 5th to 6th of May. Discussing the change to lead the future, is the goal of this event.

E-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart logistics, omnichannel and consumer behaviour, marketing & storytelling, sustainability, the power of the startup universe, the new dimension of cities and the challenges of ethics, responsibility and deontology will be some of the featured topics.

Being a reference in the national agenda in terms of the analysis of macroeconomic, social and political issues, the APED Retail Summit also features a number of reflections on the new geopolitical trends and the barriers created in an era of full globalization, as well as commercial relationships between the large world powers and the impact in national economies.

More news and details on the program and speakers soon. Stay tuned.